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Career Opportunities At Western Global Airlines

We are an expanding company with many exciting opportunities.  If you are looking for a fascinating, challenging and meaningful career in the airline industry, with the added benefits of Southwest Florida’s lifestyle, culture, beaches, warm weather activities, and the financial advantages of low cost living free of state income tax, we encourage you to contact us.

Available Positions

Aircraft Flight Follower

When delegated by the Vice President of Operations: Authority to perform the functions of operational control that include, but are not limited to:


Loadmasters are the onsite Ops Representative for the company. The Loadmaster is primarily responsible for monitoring the cargo buildup, loading, unloading of company aircrafts. Secondarily responsible to ensure all loading instructions are followed by all service providers.

Crew Planner

Responsible for the long-term planning and scheduling of flight crewmembers. Maintain the Operational flying program in an efficient, cost effective, and safe manner

Crew Scheduler

Schedule Crewmembers in compliance with departmental SOP’s and FAR’s.

Heavy Maintenance Buyer

• Schedule Crewmembers in compliance with departmental SOP’s and FAR’s.
• Ensure compliance with Line and Heavy maintenance requisitions in a way that minimizes inventory investments and meets time requirements.
• Review Material Requisitions/Bill of Materials- BOM and Bill of Tools - BOT for content, accuracy, interchangeability and the level of urgency. Also monitor current stock levels and usages, to determine the necessity of the request.
• Determine the responsible sources of supply.
• Work closely with Maintenance Planning and Materials Planner to ensure all Material and Tooling requirements are supplied in a timely manner
• Evaluate purchases to ensure compliance with all Federal Regulations and Company policies regarding quality, documentation and traceability.
• Expedite open purchase orders.
• Contact vendors to negotiate price, obtain the most preferred tag and direct the method of shipment.
• Procure components, equipment and supplies with high levels of reliability while maintaining fiduciary responsibility to the Company.
• Coordinate the creation and physical building of HMX Kits for each level of Work Scopes and the BOM and BOT as created by the Materials Planner.
• Coordinate the timely movement of BOM and BOT materials to the location of the works scope prior to the arrival of the aircraft.
• Work closely with the on-site Heavy Maintenance Material Rep or Line Maintenance personnel to ensure that all required materials and tooling is available in a timely manner, inclusive of non-routine materials as written up.

Maintenance Controller

The Maintenance Controller is responsible for the daily coordination with Planning, Engineering, and Flight Operations as required to support accomplishment of the flight schedule.

Maintenance Planner

The Maintenance Planner is responsible for developing and maintaining plans needed to accurately forecast future scheduled maintenance activities for all aircraft in WGA Airline’s fleet.

The Maintenance Planner is responsible for coordinating maintenance requirements with the demands of daily operations. This position is responsible for preparing work packages for aircraft that remain overnight in maintenance stations, and coordinating the plan to accomplish these work packages with Maintenance Control.

Maintenance Representative

The Maintenance Representative is responsible for the overall maintenance operation of the Line Station. He/she will be qualified and appropriately certificated for the work performed.

Manager of Quality Control

This position requires the individual to be a fully authorized inspector for the Company and must hold a valid FAA Mechanics Certificate with Airframe and Powerplant ratings.

· Oversight/Management of QC, QA, Records, Engineering, training, Tech Pub teams
· Experience providing team metrics to promote improved productivity and quality within each department)
· Experience Providing Strategic Direction to departments that align with company goals
· Perform Annual Reviews
· Implement a Feedback forum for the department staff
· Experience implementing and monitoring a Reporting mechanism for SMS Performance and Metrics
· Measure and Monitor the Tool Calibration program
· Experience providing oversight of a CFR requirements initiative and a strategy to meet or exceed department defined benchmarks
· Experience in Auditing to include, vendor and station audits
· Experience in providing trend analysis and status reports
· Reports must be provided in a timely fashion defined by VP of QC
· Assume the duties/responsibilities for the VP of QC in their absence
· Must possess and demonstrate time management skills

NCC Operations Planner

Prepare critical flight briefing material, route analysis and many other tasks that help our operation stay safe and efficient. This role is a vital part of our operational readiness. 


MD-11 and B747 First Officers

Quality Assurance Auditor

The Quality Assurance Auditor is responsible for accomplishing the audit function of the Continuing Analysis and Surveillance System (CASS) per 14 CFR 121.373 as directed by the Manager of Quality Assurance. The Quality Assurance Auditor conducts thorough examination and evaluations of the total Maintenance System to ensure compliance with the Western Global Airlines maintenance procedures and Federal Aviation Regulations.

Repair Administrator

· Coordinate and create Repair Orders (RO) for rotable, calibrated tooling and repairable components that have been removed from our fleet and required to be repaired/overhauled/calibrated to support our fleet worldwide.
· Review all components for reparability to ensure that repair is feasible and economical. Also monitor current stock levels and usages, to determine the necessity of the repair.
· Determine the responsible sources of repair and ensure that the Vendor is approved per our GMM requirements.
· Work closely with the Quality Control/Quality Assurance to make sure that Component Repair Vendors are approved and maintained per the GMM requirements.
· Continually working on finding better and more economical and quality repair vendors and ensuring they meet our approved vendor requirements per the GMM.
· Evaluate repair orders to ensure compliance with all Federal Regulations and Company policies regarding quality, documentation and traceability.

RSW Stores Clerk

Western Global Airlines is looking to employ a Stores Clerk in Fort Myers, FL, whom is responsible for Warehouse Operations and Maintenance paperwork for Western Global Airlines as well as organizing the components sent to outside repair agencies.

Safety Systems Manager

The safety manager is responsible for providing guidance and direction for the planning, implementation and operation of the organization’s aviation safety management system (SMS). Identifies potential safety risks through analysis of safety data. Monitors safety issues, provides safety education, investigates incidents and accidents, acts as a resident expert on safety matters, develops safety risk assessments, and makes recommendations to improve safety in the workplace. Brings value to WGA by mitigating potential costs from accidents or incidents. Complies with SMS requirements by documenting and facilitating safety programs. Empowers WGA employees as safety professionals by developing a positive safety culture.

Aircraft Structures - Shreveport

The Structure Mechanic is responsible to inspect, overhaul, repair, modify, and troubleshoot airframe parts, systems, and components. The Structures Mechanic is responsible to perform work within the FAA, and Western Global standards of quality

A&P Mechanic - Shreveport

The A&P Mechanic is responsible to perform functions assigned in the service, repair, and overhaul of aircraft and aircraft components, parts and accessories, in which they will be qualified and appropriately certificated for the work performed. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required.

Avionics - Shreveport

The Avionics Mechanic is responsible for the functional testing, repair/maintenance, and inspection of aircraft electrical and avionics systems. This can include but is not limited to radar, lighting, radio, and navigational systems.

Stores Clerk - Shreveport Warehouse

Western Global Airlines – Stores Clerk in Shreveport, LA Warehouse, whom is responsible for Warehouse Operations and Line Maintenance paperwork for Western Global Airlines located at Shreveport, LA

Security Guard - Shreveport

This position will be responsible for supporting and maintaining a safe and secure operation.

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