The Western Global Impact: Proven Ability to Rapidly and Efficiently Respond to Customers' Needs

Western Global Airlines connects people everywhere to the urgent necessities that are important to them

Enabling Global Trade and E-Commerce…

  • Fast, responsive, and lower cost
  • Commitment to customer satisfaction
  • Global network and operations - U.S. and International
  • Ability to deliver products anywhere in the world when they are needed (e.g., pharmaceuticals, perishables, electronics, automotive, fashion)

Saving Lives…

  • Humanitarian aid - Ebola effort - most flights of any airline
  • Disaster Relief - Haiti, Madagascar, Puerto Rico, Mozambique
  • Military medical cargo transports
  • Animal Rescue - 33 circus lions and 11 endangered white rhinos transported to safe sanctuaries

Helping Communities Develop and Prosper

  • Number one in delivering flowers from South American growers to the United States
  • Number one in transporting fresh produce from African farmers to Europe
  • Connects inaccessible remote communities lacking sufficient infrastructure to suppliers and to markets

Coming to the Rescue

  • Transports aircraft engines for grounded
  • Delivers auto parts urgently needed when recalls occur
  • Transports printed currency to Central Banks
  • Supports major events for music, art and motor racing


WGA’s innovative new ACMI and full service Dedicated Charter platform offers our customers truly flexible freighter capacity

A turn-key cargo operation that is less costly and more responsive to our customers’ needs than if they performed it themselves. 

Satisfying our customers’ changing  requirements with high quality standards and reliability 24/7/365 anywhere in the world without long term capital or labor commitment on the customers’ part.

WGA’s new service model benefits combination and passenger airlines, express carriers, forwarders and consolidators, humanitarian organizations, government agencies and the Military

Combination airlines -  Achieve cost savings and increase growth and flexibility:  Maximize their own freighter operation, expand, and replace more costly capacity    

Passenger airlines - Turn-key freighter operations to supplement belly capacity:  Opportunity to compete and even lead in air cargo without owning or operating their own freighters  

Express carriers - Respond to seasonal market fluctuations and changing needs: Optimize operational flexibility

Forwarders and consolidators - Benefit from dedicated yet flexible and asset-light variable capacity: Lower costs and maximize growth  

Humanitarian organizations - Availability and responsiveness to provide relief flights and prompt assistance

Government agencies and the Military - Availability and responsiveness to support their requirements

WGA’s unmatched Operational Flexibility gives our customers the ability to:

  • Test new airfreight and express markets without long-term commitment
  • Precisely match capacity to market demand
  • Expand and contract without capital or labor investment
  • Provide interim lift prior to new aircraft delivery and during maintenance
  • Protect against aircraft obsolescence or changing needs over time
  • Take the uncertainty out of the future

WGA offers its customers a seamless extension of their operation

  • Customers control their schedules and operational priorities, including last minute changes
  • WGA’s aircraft are available in the customers’ livery if desired
  • Customers use their own Customer Service
  • WGA is available to supervise and support the customers’ buildup and loading
  • WGA’s operation is transparent to our customers, allowing for continuous ongoing interaction and communications 

Western Global utilizes the leading state of the art technologies for 24-hour support to ensure our systems are available when our customers need us.

  • Flight Following and Crew Scheduling software that allows us to quickly adjust schedules for our aircraft and crew
  • Maintenance tracking system that allows us to forecast upcoming aircraft maintenance events so we can accurately plan to avoid maintenance delays
  • Dedicated Fiber Optic internet connection to our facility with backup capability to ensure we are always online
  • Cloud computing to ensure our servers and phones have near 100% uptime, with disaster recovery options in place.
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