# 1 Air Carrier of Mother's Day flowers to the US

Friday May 12, 2017

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Flights of the Flowers: Western Global Airlines flies 100 million farm-fresh flowers from South America to U.S. in time for Mother’s Day

Global all-cargo airline delivers 6.9 million kgs. of farm-fresh flowers to U.S.

ESTERO, Fla. (May 11, 2017) – Florida-based Western Global Airlines, a leading U.S. Certified FAA 121 all-cargo airline with worldwide coverage, is flying to Miami 100 million farm-fresh flowers in time for Mother’s Day.  As the No. 1 carrier of Mother’s Day flowers to the U.S., Western Global is operating 76 flower flights between Miami and South America in the weeks before Mother’s Day. The flowers, many of which are exotic rose and carnation variations otherwise unavailable in the U.S., originate primarily with Ecuadorian and Colombian flower growers. Once harvested, the flowers are packed for shipping and swiftly flown by Western Global Airlines’ temperature controlled 747-400 and MD-11 freighter aircraft to Miami International Airport, each carrying more than 1 million flowers.  On arrival in the U.S., the fragrant cargo is processed by customs officers, then once cleared, prepared for delivery to flower wholesalers and thousands of flower stalls, florist shops and grocery stores all over the U.S. just in time for Mother’s Day. Additionally, Western Global Airlines extensively flies airplanes full of fresh Mother’s Day flowers from growers in Africa to various European destinations, for distribution to mothers throughout Europe. 

“We are proud to be the number one carrier of Mother’s Day flowers to the U.S. Every year in the weeks before Mother’s Day, as well as Valentine’s Day, our jumbo jets are filled with close to 100 million flowers that will bring smiles to mothers everywhere. As a family-friendly company, we are delighted to play a role in making millions of moms feel special and loved.” said Jim Neff, President and CEO of Western Global Airlines. “We are experts at airlifting perishables all over the world – fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, and of course flowers. Shipping agricultural goods can provide added challenges, especially given their short shelf-life. For this endeavor, ensuring fast, responsive service and optimal temperature-controlled environment is of utmost importance, and our dedicated team is once again delivering with excellence.”

Western Global Airlines is seasoned at making specific adjustments as needed to meet the growing and ever changing logistical and cargo needs of clients worldwide. A truly global freighting solution, Western Global Airlines has already flown into more than 250 airports in 100+ countries across six continents, with the list rapidly growing on a daily basis.

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