DOD Recognition for Exceptional Reliability

Tuesday Jun 19, 2018

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The US Department of Defense (DOD) recognizes Western Global Airlines (WGA) for exceptional service reliability during 2017, an unprecedented achievement for a first year DOD operator  

Western Global Airlines is a member of the Department of Defense (DOD) Civil Reserve Airlift Fleet (CRAF) which provides augmentation to DOD airlift requirements and includes many of the leading US passenger and cargo airlines such as American, Delta, UPS and FedEx.  To participate in CRAF, Western Global Airlines, which is a certified FAA Part 121 Air Carrier, received special certification by the Department of Defense Commercial Airlift Review Board (CARB) for Department of Defense operations, in late 2016.  CARB approval is gained through rigorous DOD evaluation and continuous monitoring of DOD requirements that are focused on safety and based on the best practices in the air carrier industry.

Western Global Airlines has very successfully completed its first full year of DOD operations in 2017 by flying over 270 missions to austere and war zone locations while achieving an exceptional reliability rate far exceeding the DOD standard.   Furthermore, during this entire time, Western Global had zero cancelled flights due to aircraft non-availability.  As a result, the US Department of Defense (DOD) has recognized Western Global Airlines for exceptional service reliability for the year 2017.  The DOD rated WGA’s cargo transportation performance in the highest two categories (“Exceptional” and “Very Good”) in every possible area, which is an unprecedented achievement for a first year DOD operator. 

In the words of WGA’s CEO and Founder, Jim Neff,  “At Western Global Airlines, it is our honor and privilege to support the men and women of the United States Armed Forces with dedication, responsiveness and reliability, anywhere in the world, 24/7/365.  Having flown to over 300 airports in 115 countries on 6 continents, Western Global is comfortable even in remote locations which are inaccessible and unfamiliar to other carriers. Our mission is to democratize air cargo and make it available also in underserved locations and communities where it is needed most but not provided.”  Hence, Western Global Airlines’ Purpose of connecting people all over the world to the urgent necessities that are important to them through the timely operation of its extensive fleet of highly efficient and upgraded 747 and MD-11 freighter airplanes. In addition to the DOD, Western Global Airlines operates seamlessly and responsively for many of the world’s leading airlines and logistics companies, and is committed to supporting humanitarian relief and aid missions.

Going forward, Western Global Airlines has successfully completed its second bi-annual DOD Commercial Airlift Review Board audit.  In the words of WGA’s President, Lt. General (Ret) Brooks Bash “The DOD audit was a rigorous review of Western Global Airlines  to validate our ongoing policies, procedures and practices to ensure we can fly the DOD missions safely and reliably.  We passed with flying colors with results that were commendable and nearly flawless, which is outstanding!  Congratulations to all our employees, well done.  This demonstrates our commitment to excellence and service reliability in all our endeavors.”    

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